What is Lufi?

Lufi is a free (as in free speech) file hosting software.


The files uploaded on a Lufi instance are encrypted before the upload to the server: the administrator of the server can not see the file's content.

The administrator can only see the file's name, its size and its mimetype (what kind of file it is: video, text, etc.).

You don't need to register yourself to upload files but be aware that, for legal reasons, your IP address will be stored when you send a file. Don't panic, this is normally the case for all sites on which you send files.

How does it work?

Drag and drop files in the appropriate area or use the traditional way to send files and the files will be chunked, encrypted and sent to the server. You will get two links per file: a download link, that you give to the people you want to share the file with and a deletion link, allowing you to delete the file whenever you want.

You can see the list of your files by clicking on the "My files" link at the top right of this page.

How to report an illegal file?

Please contact the administrator: support[at]core-us.fr

Who wrote this software?

The original (and only for now) author is Luc Didry. If you want to support him, you can do it via Tipeee or via Liberapay.

A thank you with a photo of kitten on Diaspora* or Twitter is cool too ;-)

How to install the software on my server?

As Lufi is a free software licensed under of the terms of the AGPLv3, you can install it on you own server. Have a look on the Wiki for the procedure.

Get the source code on the official repository or on its Github mirror


Some file types are more likely than others to embed viruses, ransomware, or malware. There are so many that it would be illusory to hope never to fall into the trap they constitute.

To protect yourself, it is imperative to:
- make frequent backups on at least three different media, one at a distance,
- never open a file from an unknown sender, especially a .zip file,
- make sure to update its operating system (OS) and its applications,
- always protect yourself with an efficient antivirus and whose virus signature base is kept up to date,
- likewise, use an anti-malware powerful and up to date.

This site is powered by Lufi
Lufi is a free file transfer software that is developed by <a href="https://fiat-tux.fr" class="classic">Luc Didry</a> under license <a href="https://gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html" class="classic">AGPLv3</a>.

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